DSST Exam Info

What is a DSST Exam?

DSST Credit-by-Exam program is a way for students to obtain college credit by taking tests that assess knowledge obtained from experience in the workplace.  This program originated from the US Military (Department of Defense’s Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)) for its service members in 1974.  In 2006, these exams were made available to both military members and civilians through Prometric (a leader in testing and assessment services that owns the DSST exam program).  Now, this program is being offered in the heart of Houston!

Learn More

You can find more information and exam fact sheets at the DSST website.  In addition, you can click on the button below to view a short video overview of the DSST program.

Types of DSST Exams

DSST exams program offers over 30 college credit exams in 6 major subject areas (Business, Humanities, Math, Physical Science, Social Science, and Technology).  A summary list can be found at this link.  More detailed information can be found in each test’s fact sheet.

Cost of DSST Exams

Each of the DSST exams for college credit costs $100 for registration and an additional Southwest Houston Proctor Center administration fee of $25 ($35 for Public Speaking Parts I & II, if completed on same day)– considerably less compared to tuition costs at an academic institution.  

Accepted by Colleges and Universities

DSST Exam credits are accepted at over 1,900 institutions!

Military DSST test takers

Test center administration fees are waived for active military and eligible family members for the first attempt at a subject test (retakes will be charged regular non-military administration fees).  Please review the DSST website, your base education office, and/or your VA education benefits to check your eligibility.  Please review the DSST website for more information.


Scheduling a DSST Exam:

  1. Find Out Your School’s Policy:  Talk to your academic advisor, professor or admissions office and find out your school’s policy on credit by examination.
  2. Choose Your Exams:  Look over the DSST exam list and decide on the exams you want to take.
  3. Find your institution’s DSST code at the DSST website and bring it with you when you test.
  4. Schedule Your Exam on our website.
  5. On exam day, be sure to bring a government-issued photo ID and a credit/debit card to purchase your exam online and pay the test center admin fee.