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AHLEI, ServSafe, ServSuccess

(National Restaurant Association)

Select this appointment type to schedule any AHLEI, ServSafe or ServSuccess exams. Candidates should purchase an online exam voucher prior to test day.

Fees:  $30 (2-hour exam)
           $40 (3-hour exam)


Select this appointment type to schedule any Certiport® exam except Adobe and Autodesk exams.  Candidates should purchase a test voucher directly from Certiport at least 1 day prior to testing.

Fees:  $30 (2-hour exam)

College Credit Exams

CLEP® Exam

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Select this appointment type for any CLEP® exam

$25 (standard exam)
$35 (exam with accommodation)

DSST® Exam

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Select this appointment type for any standard DSST® exam for college credit. 

$25 (standard exam)
$35 (exam with accommodation)

Computer Workstation


Select this service to book a computer workstation for on-line remote proctoring or if you just need to use a computer.

Rental Fees:
$10 / hour*
*Based on allotted exam time.

Additional fees charged if you require the entire room due to speaking modules during your exam (determined on a case-by-case basis).


UT Austin
Testing Services

Select this service to book a CTCD or CTCM exam.  Be sure you have registered with UT Austin first.  Select an exam date at least 2 weeks away to ensure we receive the exam in the mail in time for your scheduled date.

$30 (2-hour exam)
+ $15 USPS Priority Mail postage (optional)

Proctored Exams

Select this appointment type for ANY Proctored  (Book only 1 time slot for each exam).

High School and College Student Exam Proctoring Fees* (based on allotted time):
$25 (up to 2-hours)
$10 (each additional hour)

All Other Exam Candidates*:
$30 (up to 2-hours)
$10 (each additional hour)

*These proctoring fees include scanning and emailing completed paper exams back to the instructor/professor

If you need a special set-up or if you need to book the entire room, please confirm availability by calling 281-822-5900.

Fees additional to proctoring fee (includes practical exam set up, zoom conferencing, mailing, etc.):

  • Special Set-Up Fee: $30
  • Private Room Fee: $60/hr
  • Mailing: actual postage + $5 handling fee (if other than USPS)

We are now offering package deals for end-of-course online exams requiring multiple in-person proctored exams!

  • McKissock
  • MBitiontoLearn
  • VanEd

Please inquire when checking in for your first exam


(TX Commission on Fire Protection)

Select this appointment type to schedule any TCFP exam. Candidates must have an “Online Exam Eligibility Form” and should upload it to the Booking Form when scheduling the exam.

$30 (up to 2-hour exam)
$10 (each additional hour)


(Speaking and Writing)

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Select this appointment type to schedule the TOEIC® exams at our test center. The links will take you to the specific registration pages for each test.  

* AMIDEAST registration page is for the S&W Exams
* ETS TOEIC registration page is for the L&R Exams. 

Select USA TX, Houston, then select the test.  Candidate is not charged any test center fees for any of these exams.


(Listening & Reading)

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