Certiport Exams

"Globally Recognized Industry Certifications for College and Career Readiness"*

“Certiport works with industry-leading certification providers to bring their programs successfully to market. With particular expertise in academia, we are able to create a unique go-to-market plan that drives global program performance.”

“In addition, Certiport provides certification candidates with learning materials and certification practice tests to prepare them for high-stakes, career-oriented certifications.”*

*taken from the Certiport website.


How to schedule an exam:

  1. Order your exam voucher (through your Certiport account) prior to booking your appointment with us.
  2. Book your appointment with us (click on the button below).
  3. On your test day, bring your government issued photo ID and payment for the exam administration (Test Center Fees vary depending on the length of the exam).
  4. There is ample free parking around the building and we will have lockers available for you to use (free of charge) to place your valuables and electronics.